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  • Zengence isn’t your typical meditation or fitness game. This is positive mental health at full throttle. Zengence uses controlled breathing as your source of power while you dodge hurdles and conquer enemies. Learn to overcome stressful environments by breathing through the chaos. Find your voice and silence your inner anxieties.

  • Zengence is currently available exclusively on the Meta Quest 2 & 3.

  • No, at this point Zengence does not support multiplayer, but you can compete with friends on the leaderboard.

  • Zengence can be played offline and your scores and progress will update once connected to the internet.

  • Zengence is currently only available in English.


    • Make sure you allow the app to use your microphone. 

      • To allow permissions on you Quest device:

      • Go to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Permissions.

    • Select Microphone and make sure Zengence is selected from the list of apps.

    • If the app has microphone permissions, there are two main reasons why the app might not be picking up your toning:

    • Low Volume: The volume of your toning during exhale may be too low. Try toning slightly louder during exhalation until the microphone can clearly capture the sound.

    • Deeper voices with lower toning  frequencies: The microphones struggle with very low frequencies. If you naturally have a deeper voice, try speaking with a slightly higher pitch or tone to ensure better capture.

    • Also, try to reduce background noise or lowering the volume of your Quest device.

  • You must reach a high enough score (Bronze) to unlock the next level. Score higher by revealing and destroying more wraiths and dodging attacks.

  • The Zen Garden is a training ground that teaches breathing techniques in a calm setting. Players can earn Pearls that can help in regular gameplay.

  • Pearls are used automatically to absorb a hit during normal gameplay. There is a maximum of 1 pearl per level.

  • Dual wielding is unlocked after completing level 10 in arcade mode, but you can always switch which hand a weapon is in by pressing B or Y.

  • Make sure you are humming, singing, or toning loud enough for the microphone to hear you and long enough for the seeker orb to spawn wraiths.

  • Try moving your whole body to dodge such as side-stepping and ducking. Some attacks cannot be dodged and must be destroyed.


  • For any inquiries or technical support related to Zengence, you can contact our customer support team via

  • Stay updated on known issues, upcoming features, and announcements for Zengence through our official channels and community forums.

Need more support or want to give the product team feedback?
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