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Senior Technical Artist



  • A Technical Artist is a team force multiplier, supporting and improving technical and creative craftsmanship

  • 3+ years of experience in mobile, console or VR game development as a Technical Artist

  • 1+ Released titles. VR preferred, console and mobile is applicable

  • Proficient with UE4 art, creation, layout and optimization pipeline

  • Proficient with UE4 Engine Blueprint scripting, with the ability to architect and optimize AI and level logic.

  • Strong math skills

  • Proficient with UE4, rending and shading pipeline

  • Ability to push UE4 further to achieve a unique optimally implemented stylized look development

  • Proficient with UE4 particle and lighting systems

  • Proficient with memory management and performance related profiling

  • Good understanding of PBR principles and material editors

  • Abilities in a secondary area such as modeling, skinning, animation, or lighting

  • Work with a team, supporting other content creators such as modelers and texture artists

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Self-motivated, strong work ethic, and able to work independently

  • Creativity in problem-solving and the ability to think outside of the established solutions

  • Must have a strong portfolio showing executed game tech art

  • Keen interest in games


  • Optimize assets and content creation workflows through improved automated tooling

  • Build particle systems and deploy

  • Optimize our current levels to maintain 90fps

  • Polish and optimize AI and level related scripting logic

  • Qualify all engine side content integration, layout, lighting

  • Assist in technical and creative bug resolution


  • Experience modeling and using texturing packagers such as Substance Designer and Painter

  • VR specific experience

  • Familiar with Perforce

  • Familiar with Atlassian products

  • Familiar with UE4’s rendering pipeline and knowledgeable on how to modify

  • Background in medical application, validation and verification processes, or familiar with mental health modalities

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