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Senior 3D Environment Artist



  • 3+ years of experience in games as a 3D artist

  • 1+ Released title minimum. VR preferred, console and mobile shipped titles qualify

  • Experience with VR related workflows and content optimization needs

  • Proficient with Unreal 4/5 content creation pipelines and workflows.

  • Generalist knowledge in skills such as Unreal Editor asset integration, layout tools, lighting implementation, modeling, and texturing

  • Proficient in Maya, Substance Designer, ZBrush and Photoshop

  • Experience communicating in a multi-disciplinary team, including engineers, artists, and designers

  • Ability to articulate what is strong/weak about the aesthetics and design of the existing product

  • Self-motivated, strong work ethic, and able to work independently

  • Creative problem-solving and the ability to think outside of the established solutions

  • Keen interest in games


  • Polish and tune asset layout for all remaining environmental levels

  • Asset optimization, topology reduction, draw call reduction, texture baking, etc

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to develop task lists to ensure assignments are progressing in alignment with schedules, milestones and overall project goals

  • Work closely with the creative director to create and iterate on level aesthetics

  • Optimize and fix bugs in existing levels


  • Advanced UE4 Shader knowledge

  • Demonstrate a broad technical expertise to assist in a wide variety of technical and artistic tasks

  • General implementation knowledge in animation, physics and particle systems

  • Familiar with Perforce

  • Familiar with Confluence

  • Familiar with UE4’s rendering pipeline

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